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You know Tabata as a form of high-intensity training that involves 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

And while the original Tabata research involved extreme cardiovascular exercise — exercise so tough that it would be hard for even the most diehard fitness enthusiast to replicate — the principles of Tabata can be applied to any workout. “It’s really about using timed intervals instead of sets or repetitions,” explains Nick Tumminello, owner of Performance University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida — which means that even strength workouts can get a jolt by employing Tabata’s principles.

Exerting maximum effort within a small timeframe gives you a different type of goal, and also delivers different results from your standard sets: Tumminello explains that because you are focusing more on the effort you put forth rather than a certain number of reps, your overall workout intensity will increase. And if you use an amount of resistance that you can move quickly — but with control — you can even get a slight cardio boost.

If you’re advanced, this Tabata-inspired workout may not be challenging enough to build muscle, but when you’re pressed for time, this workout can help prevent losses in strength. And if you’re new to strength training, it can be the perfect way to get your feet wet. 

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